Monday, January 26, 2015

Dear Future Me

I'm so glad this year already jump to 2015. I didn't expect too much but living in the title of 2014 is driving me nuts. A lot of stuff happen, the horrible one.
It's a brand new year, probably still the old me but a lot better. I throw away everything that bothering me in 2014 like old diary book, instagram account, betrayed friend, friend that annoyed my future, friend that only there for my best but never been there for my worse part of me. And yes, I keep my boyfriend so it can keep remind about what I learn in 2014 (but seriously, he just wouldn't let go of my leg. JOKING. No, but literally, yes... he did).
Same old shit, brand new year. I think this year would go so fast in the blink of an eye. So instead of writing about my new year resolution I would write about all of the question I should answer for the next couple of years, that the future me should answer.
Already find your happiness?
Who you married with?
Did you dye your hair green just like you always wanted?
Where are you now? (Describe me!)
Already made a permanent tatto?
How's collage? 
Can you play ukulele now? 
Have you meet an actuall british people yet? (Not Irish, not Scotland... british)

Already made an online shop?
How many watercolor you already draw?
But if you only achieve one of the question I ask on the above, I understand.

NO. Actually, move your fucking ass and start doing something you lazy bitch.

It's not your boyrfriend, family and friend who defined your happiness. It's not about how much likes you get on instagram and facebook or how famous you are in someone else opinion.
NO. It is you who defined your happiness. Built yourself up, respect yourself, and seriously... stop crying and cutting your wrist. 
Don't be basic and be called hipster rather than do something that someone else already do. 
If someone else didn't know any of your favorite stuff like movies, music, etc... GOOD! 
Don't be up upset, it is you who too cool for them. 
Get your ass in trouble as much as you want, but stop once you can already control your very own life when nobody can tell you what to do (re: live in your own house)
Pray more. Read more. Workout more. 
Stop yourself from thinking 'I gotta be prettier next year, a lot more skinny, more clothes and money' like other basic girl wanted to. You are what you are. 
You may born unhappy, trouble always get to follow behing you like a shadow. But take that as a challenge and the adventure is yours. 
You still alive? Good. Look how strong you are now as life already built you. 

Credit: This inspire by my favorite youtuber, Troye Sivan. You could watch his video about Dear Future Me here

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