Wednesday, October 22, 2014

6 Songs by Florist #ThursdaySong

"Day 4 (1914)
Grab me by my shoulder blades and hang me out o fry I'm a mess
And I need someone to hold me up with that
Eyes just like a skyline even when they're wet and the window is
foggy and the wind has a tint
A bed of flowers, stacks of wood, and a note
A farewell letters from 100 years ago
Please remember to feed the cat
Please remember that I'm never coming back
I was born in 1994
I was born in the 70's
I was born in 1823
And you were born right next to me"
-You need and MUST download the entire song. Florist are a brand new band who just released they're album on 28 May 2014. You can check them out in here.

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