Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Do ever feel like a standing lamp when you right in the middle of crowd people?

Most people say no, but the normal human being say yes. And for me, if you ask me this question everyday I'm gonna answer it the same as before. Yes, everyday I feel like a standing lamp in the middle of the crowd. I feel so invisible. I meet a bunch of new people but I'm not attractive enough to make them look back straight at me.

Sometimes this asshole look at me and her eyes like "Ew, no. What kind of creature are you? Are you really born this ugly? Did you take a shower this morning?"

When I was kindergarten I meet a bunch of new friends and feel like the happiest angle in the world. I look them right in the eyes, I smile at them and they smile back at me, we shaking hands, show the name and run as we start to play hide and seek. And we never see each other by their look, their face, what they wearing, how they smell... a five year old girl who is happy and got a lot of friends... and don't have to be fake so we fit in someone else perfect opinion.

Whoever said high school is the best year of our life is definitely good luck because they meet someone who probably as weird as them. They don't have to pretend. And you what is the worst part of being a high school student in 2013?

If you don't have a cool gadget, you're not rich, you're not pretty... you definitely can't be popular. I know what your opinion is... "I have a few friends who doesn't have a nice gadget, not rich and not pretty but still have friends". Well, then you should learn how hard it is for them to make a lot of friends without being perfect (and please, congratulations her/him for me) because only few can survive to be popular without being perfect or at least, try to be perfect.
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