Saturday, June 08, 2013

My Life Goal: New York

Some people may say, "What is your life goal? How do you struggle to achieve it? Where you going after graduation?" Moreover when you are 17 and everybody in your family start to look at you everyday like "Is she gonna successes someday?"

In my case, I question my life what I become when I was 30? Did I achieve my goal to be reporter of VOA? Did I get my spot on embassy of Indonesia in America? But the most important is... did I achieve my goal to visit or even live in New York?

If your dreams don't scared you, they aren't big enough. And yes everytime I look up and see what may I become I getting scared. Scared of getting hopeless and ended up being nothing. If I have a daughter I make sure she will look at me and thinking "I have the best mom ever, I want to be like her" or when I have a son I make sure he look at me and think "I'm gonna marry a girl who looks just like my mom".

Soooo back to the topics. Why New York? Why not Paris just like every dream girl life to visit? Well, simple. If every other girl want to visit Paris so they can feel romantic and vintage and visit it with the love of they're life blah, blah, blah. Well, I want to live my life luxury and awesome by visit New York.

Did you just wanted to visit that one place you always dream to visit and when you made it... you just stood in there, look up and you losing your mind thinking, "Wow, did I just made it? Did I just make my dream not only just dream?"