Tuesday, May 28, 2013

New Resolution

I know I say I hate being seventeen and old yet get wrinkled. But after four day being seventeen I was like wait a minute, did I just past sixteen and still feel young? I'm not old yet! Yeaay *blow confetti*

This day lately I have some come new ideas which contain some to do list for my new age. You can say it was a resolution for a better future, or something the adults always do (doesn't mean I'm old yet). SO WHY I HAVE SOME RESOLUTIONS TO DO? Because the other day I saw someone tweet, she is 21 year old girl and she complaining how she feels shes not young yet and blah blah blah anymore. What she said is "I am 21 and feel old and I regret everything I don't learn much back when I was twelve or sixteen. I mean I can take ballet class or learn how to play piano. Now I can't do that because I'm to old." 
See what I mean?
I'm turn seventeen and feeling old how about I'm turning 20? EWWWW I'm not ready YET! So, yeah... because sort of that reasonable thing I decide to make a change. Like what I do after I'm in senior year, what I do so people don't harassing me or what it takes to be skinny *cough loudly*. 
It's normal to say "Let's do it tomorrow" but it's so lame if you keep saying "Let's do it tomorrow and take some chips and coke, I'm gonna watch some movie" instead of saying "Fuck you mind, why not do it today".  So what exactly I do to make a resolution? Well maybe I'm gonna start by cut my hair low and do some exercise so I can be skinny yet healthy, or learn guitar back when I should do when I was twelve (selfnotereader: I was learn guitar when I was twelve and the instructor said I was good, but I quit since my hideous granny said I can't never learn anything from playing guitar because I'm not good enough, and our family tree never use to be a musician. I cry A LOT)