Friday, May 24, 2013

Movie Review: Ruby Sparks

Sooo yes, this is my second movie review on my blog. If you probably wondering what kind of movie I likely to post on my blog... well, I like every genre of movie. Romantic, comedy, drama, action, horror, just name it. But what I post on my blog mostly is not-so-known movie but have potential to be famous. Ruby Sparks is about two red hair hipster falling in love with each other.

I like this movie because it's obviously hipster, and the first plot of the movie remain me of myself. This story is about an author imaginary his fake girlfriend and write about her on his books. He fall in love with his own imaginary character and he dream about her all the time. As an author, I ever experience this when I was single. Seriously, I think is normal. But yeah... Ruby Sparks is a lot more different  (the movie included some magic, which in the real life magic is unknowable thing). I like to pick up some line, my favorite is "Look at that boy, I'm gonna love him forever and ever and ever...". Just beyond cute how Ruby Sparks can stole my whole movie time haha. If you have time to read this, you should get another time to search the movie and watch it, you guys would love it.