Thursday, April 18, 2013


Holiday is always start with "Yeaaaaay it's fucking holiday" and ended up with "Fuck you school". For me it's more that fuck-you-school, I kinda hate high school and everything about school make me sick. I hate my teacher isn't cool at teaching, I hate making friends and pretending I was fine when the truth I want to punch them in the face everyday we meet, I hate my school is too close with my home (it's personal thing about me), I hate the fact that canteen is soooooo far away from my class and in point of fact I hate the way my door class swing open everytime I got enter.
But, yes, no matter how I begging and crying I still have to go to school. The last hope I need is school is on fire or a giant storm took away my school and never been found. So as the lost hope student like me I have this short kinda of bucket list, which contain a a few list of my dream school. And what inside my bucket list is...

1. I got a letter to Hogwarts
I know when you read my first bucket list is in your bucket list too. Whoever read this and said "Hogwarts isn't that fun" or "Why you even want to school in a castle living with a ghost, Hogwarts is creepy"... well, I feel sorry for your childhood. Harry Potter sequel it's the main reason of my imagination, I watch the movie since I was six and until now I still read the books. I didn't get the letter when I was eleven so I guest I'll gonna be invited when I turn 18, when I graduation and they invited me for Hogwarts collage.

2. My teacher is Dewey Finn from The School of Rock
My forever favorite movie pick up line! Yes, I hate math. And just because I hate math doesn't mean I am one of those stupid girl who can't stand herself at school. Let me get this straight... School subject not only contain math but there is so many subject school like english or sociology. In my case, math wasn't that important when you want to go to collage and take International Relation as your collage subject. Math is soooo easy when you only count one cookie plus cookie equal two cookies back at kindergarten... but is getting hard when 'someone' is put an alphabet on math.

3. Allowed to be as fashionable (or kawaii) as japanese school girl
I get so jealous everytime I watch Japanese movie with school girl wearing cute uniform. They allowed to get this little bow, low cut shirt and black shocks on Monday... when my uniform is only colored white and grey. So boring yet formal. Well, if you wanted your student a little have fun at school, my school should probably learning how Japanese student wearing their uniform.

4. School served delicious food
When it comes with food, I can't deny how my school canteen is all junk and crap yet unhealty. In my bucket list, school canteen should be served different kind of food everyday, so student won't be boring everytime they hear a lunch bell. Imagine school have this delicious food on cafetaria, would you still get lazy to go to school? :D