Tuesday, January 08, 2013

My Childhood

      I wish I could tell you how wonderful my childhood was. My dad is rich, my mom is hot. We live in a big house made like castle, we driving an expensive red car in town. I have a talking teddy bear that always take care of me. In my world, fairy tale is real and I get to Hogwarts when I was 11 years old. I remember how I got my uniform and running toward the Hogwarts hall and see the magical things happen. We go to the Diagon Alley in the middle of school year at winter, I bought so much stuff I can't brought it my self.
     I got my vacation in Narnia, I spent my holiday in Cair Paravel for seven days. I play chess with queen Lucy and queen Susan. King Peter and king Edmund told me how to ride a horse. I talk to Aslan and we ended up walk into the forest.
      I got a lot of friends around the world. Did I tell you I have wings a gift from my fairy tale friend? 
       In my 12 birthday I got a unicorn. I call her Blaze, cause she have a little mark hidden inside her hair in her head. I love that unicorn, I ride that unicorn everyday in my yard. At night, Blaze body is glowing in the dark as she running toward my yards while I watch her from my window.
       Once, I got a golden tickets inside the chocolate I ate. I won for spending time in pirates of carribean ship! I was so lucky so I brought my friends from around the world, my fairy tale friends and my unicorn, Blaze. We spend the night at the ship above a million of shooting star. We had a party and stop when the sun is up, then, I go to my beautiful home when my mom and dad is waiting.
And BOOM... that dream is dissapear. I was awoken.

But that was never be a actually just a 'dream'. It was real, it all was real. I spent too much time on my childhood with my brain and imaginary place I got from books and movie. I pretend that my world is my dream, I pretend my room was a forest and my doll is a talking animal.