Friday, November 23, 2012

Third Dream Option

Busy, busy, busy. This month is totally exhausted for me and remind myself now I have a boyfriend, the 'exhausted feeling' still wont gone. I have a examination test and congratulation, I didn't prepare yet :) This examination is totally important for me. From this beginning of this final term examination is decided which direction I should go when I graduated. 
I want to choose International Relation as my subject at the collage and work at International legation. I wish I could sent into America or Paris legation but before that,  I have to finish this final examination. I have to get that amazing scholarship, which... I didn't have to pass the test that insanely MORE exhausting. Ha! 
The International legation things is my first option. My second option is I will work at the VOA (a k a Voice Of America-just in case you didn't know it) and it's my big dream since I was elementary school I always wanted to work as a reporter and speak in englihs... all day! Seriously, it's makes me freaking can't wait to grown up and grab this job! 

Update (2015): I hate growing up